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Read Baby, Every Day

Read Baby, Every Day Celebrates the beloved, healthy ritual of parent-child reading. It also reinforces recent American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations to begin daily reading with children at birth, to promote bonding, language, attention, and other aspects of development. Read Baby, Every Day promotes shared reading and togetherness.

About the Series These simple sharing board books unite child and parent by conveying important safe parenting and health practices in a gentle, rhythmic way. Written by a pediatrician and child literacy expert, the soft, rhyming story gives children just the sort of delightful and mind-expanding experiences they need, while providing parents with important guidance and suggestions about caring for and nurturing their baby. These insightful board books are written from a baby's point of view with parenting notes on the back cover. 14 pages.Four color illustrations. Ages: Infant to age 3. ©2015.

B-2464    $7.99    Board Book   (English)

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Read Baby, Every Day
           Part of a set of 6.

"Eat Baby, Healthy"
B-2462    $7.99       Board Book   (English)

"Calm Baby Gently"
B-2463    $7.99       Board Book   (English)

"Your Baby, Always"
B-2465    $7.99       Board Book   (English)

"Sleep Baby, Safe and Snug"
B-2466    $7.99       Board Book   (English)

"Complete Love Baby Healthy Set"
B-2467    $20.00       Board Book   (English)

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