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Complete We Both Read Set - 48 Titles

For Parent Involvement and Buddy Reading!

We Both Read books feature a unique interactive format designed for a child to take turns reading aloud with a parent or tutor. The left-hand pages feature more sophisticated text for the parent/tutor to read. Then, for their turn, the child reads the right-hand pages, which feature text written at a specific early reading level. This series helps meet many Common Core standards, including support of fluent reading of on-level text.

We Both Read - Kindergarten thru Third Grade Guided Reading.

Levels A-Q.

48 titles.

Book Titles include fiction and nonfiction. With the following grade level breakdown.

15 titles at Kindergarten and First Grade. Guided reading A-C.

14 titles at First Grade. Guided reading D-F.

11 titles at First and Second Grade. Guided reading G-I.

8 titles at Third Grade. Guided reading J-Q.

B-2448    $239.52    Paperback   (English)

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Complete We Both Read Set - 48 Titles

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