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The Parent Connection - CD

Group Learning for Parents and Young Children
- 12 Lesson Plans for Group Meetings

This CD contains complete lesson plans for 12 meetings for parents of children from 0-5 years of age.
• Lesson development guided by research in adult education to maximize adult learning.
• Every lesson includes parenting and child development information to build parenting strengths.
• Most lessons involve both parents and children, allowing parents to observe and participate in the learning process.
• Written by experienced Parents as Teachers educators, supervisors and University Faculty.
• Organized into four sections with 3 meetings per section.

   Parent Connection topics include; Getting in Balance (family finances, nutrition, and managing daily stresses), Strong Families, Language and Learning, and Family Fun.
      This CD also includes handouts and table-tents.

B-1835    $85.00    CD-ROM   (English)

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The Parent Connection - CD

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