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Pass-Along Papers

By Barbara Kuczen, Ph.D., and Carly Kuczen, M.A.

52 Reproducible Flyers on Issues facing Parents and Teachers of Young Children

When parents have a question about their children's behavior, often the first person they ask is the child's teacher or care-giver. The PASS-ALONG PAPERS helps educators communicate with parents by tackling 52 subjects in-depth, offering explanations and suggestions. Topics inlude: Aggressive behavior, Anxiety, Attention-span, Bad Manners, Bedtime problems, Bed-wetting, Crisis coping, Crying, Cursing, Death, Defiant behavior, Discipline, Divorce, Eating problems, Fears, Friends, Hyperactivity, Impulsiveness, Inappropriate behavior, Independence, Learning disabilities, Lying, Medical visits, Poor loser, Responsibility, Self-esteem, Sexual behavior, Shyness, Sibling rivalry, Speech problems, Stealing, Step-families, Stress-coping, Talking back, Tantrums, Tattling, Teasing, Television, Violence and Whining. Plus more. Each 2-sided flyer describes a typical childhood challenge - explaines some factors influencing the problem, offers a list of suggestions, and then encourages the reader to come up with a Family Action Plan. Reproducible.

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Pass-Along Papers

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