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Healthy Steps for Teen Parents

Volume Three: Postpartum
Spanish Version

this series uses an encouraging, real-world approach to show teens how to succeed as young parents. 32 min. each volume. Facilitator's Guide with reproducible handouts available at

VOLUME 3: Postpartum
Physical Recovery & Postpartum Emotions - healing process, signs of infection, nutrition, rest, exercise, baby blues, signs of postpartum depression
Baby Care & Behaviors - well-baby visits, feeding, sleeping, crying, bathing, diapering, when to call the doctor, SIDS, second-hand smoke, abusive head trauma (shaken baby syndrome), new born senses
Relationships & Parenting - establishing paternity, co-parenting, birth control, positive relationships, living situations, friends and family support, finishing school, childcare options

M-1556    $199.95    DVD   (Spanish)

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Healthy Steps for Teen Parents
           Part of a set of 5.

"Healthy Steps for Teen Parents"
M-1555    $199.95       DVD   (English)

"Healthy Steps for Teen Parents"
M-1552    $199.95       DVD   (Spanish)

"Healthy Steps for Teen Parents"
M-1554    $199.95       DVD   (Spanish)

"Healthy Steps for Teen Parents"
M-1558    $499.85       DVD   (Spanish)

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