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Parents: Our Most Important Resource

As all educators know, the importance of communicating with parents throughout the assessment process cannot be overstated. From gathering information from parents during registration to working with the parent hand-in-hand throughout the school year, this partnership is crucial to understanding and charting the growth of the whole child.

To demonstrate, we highlight a group parent-teacher meeting and presentation. The process of developing the portfolio, the formal checklist and the parent's reporting form is explained at the meeting.

Another important segment shows a teacher screening and observing Alexis, a pre-school child, in the classroom. The teacher then shares her observations of Alexis with his mother during conferences at the school and at his home. Viewers will see how this willingness to meet in a variety of settings can enable teachers and parents to better discuss a student's progress and to set goals together. 27 minutes. 2004.

M-1506    $99.00    DVD   (English)

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Parents: Our Most Important Resource

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