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Parent Workshop Survival Kit - Grades 2-5

Fluency Grades 2-5

Prepare and execute a parent workshop that will give parents guidance on selecting the most appropriate sentence from a book to practice fluency; show how to model fluent reading; and highlight the rules for reading with fluency.

Each kit includes 2 CD's that provide everything you need, including teacher scripts, colorful invitations and a workshop slide show. Use these kits to easily share and model effective reading comprehension and fluency strategies in parent friendly terms. Spanish translations for all materials included on disk. Survival Kits includes:

*Planning Guide CD

*Presentation CD

*Parent Workshop Handouts (set of 30 English Home Literacy Cards)For extra Home Literacy Cards

order #B-2247

*Spanish Translations of all Materials -For Spanish Home Literacy Cards order #B-2261

M-1459    $139.95    Kit   (English/Spanish)

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Parent Workshop Survival Kit - Grades 2-5
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