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You Can Help Your Child with Homework

Ten Fun and Easy Tips

Brightly illustrated and easy-to-read, each 16 page booklet offers parents ten simple--but sensational--ways to help their children thrive as learners. For parents of school age children. Packet of 20 booklets in English.

B-617    $30.00    Pamphlet   (English)

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You Can Help Your Child with Homework
           Part of a set of 7.

"Usted puede ayudar a sus hijos con la tarea"
B-618    $30.00       Pamphlet   (Spanish)

"You Can Motivate Your Child to Learn!"
B-579    $30.00       Pamphlet   (English)

"You Can Help Your Child with Reading and Writing"
B-583    $30.00       Pamphlet   (English)

"Preparing for Parent-Teacher Conferences:First Steps"
B-2237    $30.00       Pamphlet   (English)

"Parent Booklet Set A in English"
B-1089    $259.95       Pamphlet   (English)

"Parent Booklet Set B in English"
B-2494    $259.95       Pamphlet   (English)

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