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Social Development of Three-and Four-Year-Olds

By Susan A. Miller, EdD

Social Development of Three- and Four-Year-Olds highlights the milestones children tend to reach during the preschool years as they develop socially. Teachers will see classroom scenarios that can provide insights into some of the ways young children make social connections, express their preferences, and play together. Readers will also learn strategies that can help parents, caregivers, and teachers support and nurture children's growth. 79 pages. @2017.

• Provides strategies based on the most recent research to best nurture children's social development

•Lists social developmental milestones for 3-and 4-year-olds

•Recommends children's books for each chapter topic

•Each chapter provides exciting curriculum activities for teachers to try

•Includes ideas and activities for parents to extend learning at home

B-2516    $19.95    Paperback   (English)

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Social Development of Three-and Four-Year-Olds

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