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Raising a Talker

By Renate Zangl, PhD

Easy Activities for Birth to Age 3!

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Combining fun, easy-to-do activities with research-based tips and developmental overviews, Raising a Talker helps parents and caregivers naturally transform play sessions into meaningful language-learning experiences. Little tweaks and easy changes in everyday play create nurturing environments where communication and discovery can flourish. These skills build the foundation for better communication, both now and later, and set the stage for success in school and beyond. This practical communication and language guide shows parents and caregivers how to play and talk in ways that foster children’s emerging language skills while building on their natural curiosity and exploring the world together. Raising a Talker will have parents more tuned in to their children as better conversational and play buddies. For families and staff working with children birth to age 3. 212 pages. ©2014. body>

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Raising a Talker

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