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Story Time Strategies & Activities

PreK-K Comprehension Home Literacy Cards

Reinforcement at home is proven to speed up a child's learning. These Home Literacy Cards are great to use during parent conferences or workshops and can be used with any children's book. Once parents understand the fluency strategies that will help their children read, learning can be extended beyond the classroom.

The Home Literacy Cards are written in parent-friendly terms and make it easy for parents to use effective pre, during, and post-reading strategies as they read with their children.

Help parents develop reading readiness skills with a variety of simple to use strategies and activities before, during and after reading a story. Grades PreK-K. Pack of 10. Each card is 5 1/2" X 9 3/4"

The Story Time Strategies & Activities HLC are also the parent take-home component found in Workshop Kit PreK-K (M-1456) as listed below.

B-2244    $9.95    Hand Outs   (English)

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Story Time Strategies & Activities
           Part of a set of 8.

"Parent Workshop Survival Kit - PreK-K "
M-1456    $139.95       Kit   (English/Spanish)

"Story Time Strategies & Activities (Spanish)"
B-2258    $9.95       Hand Outs   (Spanish)

"Take Time To Think"
B-2245    $9.95       Hand Outs   (English)

"Champions of Chapters"
B-2246    $9.95       Hand Outs   (English)

"Watch for Signs!"
B-2247    $9.95       Hand Outs   (English)

"Flag It!"
B-2248    $9.95       Hand Outs   (English)

"Read Like You Shop!"
B-2249    $9.95       Hand Outs   (English)

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