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Engage Every Student

By Elizabeth Kirby, Ed.D. & Jill McDonald, M.Ed.

Motivation Tools for Teachers and Parents

The challenge of motivating underachieving students is addressed in this classroom resource guide that advises teachers and other concerned adults to look beyond test scores and encourage under-performing middle school and high school students to find their motivational spark. Developmental benchmarks, reasonable expectations for results, and strategies for charting progress are discussed for a myriad of situations—including those with learning disabilities, family and environmental factors, different learning styles, and other root causes of motivational deficit—and paired with classroom strategies to address each unique case. Many reproducible handouts and self-assessment tools involve the student in the process. A learning styles inventory and a multiple intelligence test are provided to aid in evaluation, and handouts and home strategies to share with parents are offered to reinforce the home-school connection.

B-2132    $21.95    Paperback   (English)

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Engage Every Student

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