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What Successful Schools do to Involve Families

By Neal A. Glasgow and Paula Jameson Whitney

55 Partnership Strategies

Emphasizing that students learn best when families and schools work together to promote student achievement, What Successful Schools Do to Involve Families offers teachers and administrators 55 practical strategies for forming effective partnerships with every type of family group. 190 pages. From traditional forms of communication—such as open houses, parent-teacher conferences, and fundraising efforts—to hot-button topics such as bullying and discipline, this book helps educators bridge the gap between school and home by providing:
*A Synthesis of the related research
*"How-to's" for using the strategy in a classroom or broader school setting
*Strategies for reaching out to non-mainstream families
*A chapter on non-parental caregivers
*Proven methods for encouraging family participation and discussion in supporting math, literacy, and students with special needs
*Precautions to help avoid common pitfalls in implementation
*Research sources for optional follow-up

B-1989    $16.99    Paperback   (English)

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What Successful Schools do to Involve Families

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