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Parents as first teachers

Parenting Resources is dedicated to providing schools, programs, parenting educators, and teachers with the most complete collection of materials to help them in instructing and involving parents.  Our extensive collection of over 800 Parenting books, games, posters, Parenting Education aids and videos/DVD's covers such diverse areas of interest as parent involvement, early intervention, parents as first teachers, early brain development, child abuse prevention, parenting education, school readiness as well as fatherhood and motherhood.

* This Website and/or Business is for Sale

This is the perfect “work-from-home” business and can be full or part-time depending on the owner’s preferences.

After 26 successful years of owning and running Parenting Resources and with 20 years that the website has been alive and active; the owner of this business and website is retiring.

As the owner, I am willing to consider any offers whether for the whole business (inventory, customer lists, prospect lists, and other business support as needed); or the stand-alone active and trafficked domain name “”.

Upon request I can provide answers to questions and details about this business. Contact me at

Ideas for this business/website going forward: From its beginning in 1994 Parenting Resources’ focus was marketing to schools and government-funded and not-for-profit programs who worked with parents of children from birth through the teen years; but as you can imagine the domain name is very flexible, universal and could cover a wide range of markets and interests.

Whether selling materials or offering a comprehensive platform for information; a new owner of the domain name and/or business could set the direction and choose the course. Options include focusing directly on parents and families or continued concentration on schools and programs. Again this is an ideal business that is easily compatible with working from home.

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"Children have never been very good at listening to their elders but they have never failed to imitate them."
- James Baldwin.

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